Magical Mumma: For Mums Nurturing Neuro Diverse Children


Join our transformative 6-week group coaching course, ‘Magical Mumma,’ specially designed to uplift and empower mums of neurodiverse children. Discover inner strength, find balance, and build a supportive community. Together, we’ll redefine what it means to thrive. Are you ready to empower your journey?



One of the biggest things I’ve learnt being a mum to my neuro diverse children is to blend the esoteric with the day to day reality of having ND children
From as early as she could talk, my daughter has worked with spirit. It quietened down a lot during puberty which is normal, but she always has a knowing and tells me of things going on now.
Throughout her younger years, she told me of her past life incarnations, her working with and being an angel
She remembered names, dates, events, so much
She reminded me with what she was telling me, to blend the seen with the unseen and I’ve been doing it ever since.
Our children are our biggest mirrors.  They reflect back at us what changes we need to make in ourselves to support them.  When we do this it creates positive change in our homes and lives.
Magical Mumma is a blend of practical day to day support, coaching for mums, understanding our trauma so that we are able to better understand our children,  as well as entering the esoteric world so that we are able to see where are children are coming from and why they react the way they do.
I have said for years that there is nothing wrong with our children, but I also understand the reality that we face as the mums.
My experience has been that since I have understood my trauma, my programming and decisions, made changes – some massive – where needed, my children’s symptoms have lessened and lessened.
This course is a blend of 18 years of experience, qualifications, intuition and evidence.
Who’s with me to make the changes that they desire?


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